Message from Archbishop and Archdiocese COVID-19 Resources/Opportunities

  • Ways to watch/listen to Mass: Although Mass is no longer suspended, many of the faithful way wish to continue to tune into Mass remotely. In fact, at high risk or over 65 are encouraged to remain home. For ways to watch or listen to Mass, visit Use this prayer to make a Spiritual CommunionWhere that is not an option, it would be appropriate to pray the Liturgy of the Hours or the Rosary.
  • Health care workers: Catholic faithful throughout the archdiocese are dedicated to praying for you! Visit to submit a prayer request. On this page, you may also sign up for a weekly email, watch encouraging videos, and find resources for support.
    • Want to join in praying for health care workers? Commit to daily prayer for health care workers by texting archspm-healthcare to 55321 or signing up at You will receive a weekly message with a link to names of health care workers to keep in your prayers.
  • Click here to donate to the Minnesota Catholic Relief Fund.
  • Other links to online prayer and formation resources can be found on the COVID-19 resource page, located here.
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