February 28, 2017

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Youth Leadership Team (YLT)

YLT is beginning as a pilot program this year. We are a team of 6-10 members from the parish, who will actively serve in outreach ministry to the church by working directly with Father Ortega. We will complete projects that Father gives us, and also help Father spread and teach faith, hope, and love throughout our community. We are meant to act as a communication link between Father and the youth of the parish.

We are excited to get started and actively participate and work with the youth of the GA Parish.

 ylt-members-oct-2016Members 2016-17: Bryce Villanueva, Krista Korkowski, Logan Radick, Taylor Laube, Jessie Van Pelt, Allie Santini, Kalie Dahl and Louis Vannett.

Formal applications for new members will be taken in May of every year starting in 2017.  YLT members will serve from August-June of each school year.