Parish Pastoral Council


Parish Pastoral Council

Back row: Peter Vera, Victor Silva, Chair, Richard Dolski, Tom Redman Front row: Kathy Setten, Cathy Cress, Fr. Ortega and John Santini

The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis has a long tradition of parish councils and at Guardian Angels we take justifiable pride in our communities desire to reinstate this tradition.  The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC or Parish Council) will provide valuable help in fostering pastoral action at Guardian Angels Catholic Church and School.  We have worked hard to open space to the Holy Spirit through prayer and discernment, by doing so we have found leaders to fill the necessary leadership positions and I am delighted to announce to you today the members of the Guardian Angels Parish Pastoral Council.  As the pastor of Guardian Angels, I am grateful to each of them for saying “yes” to my invitation to serve.

Each member was invited to serve on the Parish Council because they impressed me, my staff and our commission members, because of their positions of leadership and involvement in the church and school community and because they are held in esteem by others in the community.  They were also selected due to their ability to represent some of the “constituencies” in the parish and community.  As a group they possess a variety of gifts, skills and experiences that we trust will be complimentary as well as wisdom that we hope will be submitted to prayer, study and dialogue.

The Parish Council will help facilitate full participation of the whole parish in its mission, by encouraging and initiating dialogue among parish leadership, organizations, and individuals. In their individual discernment and partaking of the community’s wisdom they will advise me on parish needs and directions.

I wish to thank them for their dedication to Guardian Angel Catholic Church and School and for saying “yes” to joining the Parish Pastoral Council; may God guide our discernment and allow us to accomplish our parish goals.  Please keep these parishioners in your prayers and know that you are in my prayers.

Fr. Fernando Ortega ~ Pastor

Guardian Angels Parish Pastoral Council is an important group established to help the pastor administer and oversee the spiritual and other affairs of the Parish. Activities of the Parish Pastoral Council are governed by a written constitution. Membership consists of sevent lay members and the Pastor. Lay members are elected from within the Parish and serve three-year terms.

Primary Activities:

  • Develop and communicate parish guiding documents – core values, mission and overarching goals
  • Implement, support and evaluate parish leadership structure
  • Coordinate annual parish ministry planning process
  • Establish dialogue with all key parish stakeholders


Update from the Parish Council

1/24/16: The parish pastoral council, in collaboration with the parish finance council, presented the “State of the Parish” at all Masses the weekend of January 23/24.   The script from the weekend, as well as the bulletin inert, can be found below.

Download (DOCX, 23KB)

Download (DOCX, 20KB)

1/21/16: The new parish council constitution has been accepted and signed by the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.  The full document is located below.

Download (PDF, 3.08MB)

Meeting Minutes for 15-16

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2016.03 Meeting Minutes

2016.2 Meeting Minutes

2016.01 Meeting Minutes

2015.12 Meeting Minutes

2015.11 Meeting Minutes

2015.10 Meeting Minutes