Tina Heuer II 2015

The role of a cantor is to facilitate congregational singing, enabling the gathered assembly to lift their voices in response to God’s word and action within the liturgy. They are to be a welcoming and engaging presence during the liturgy.

For this reason, it is important that cantors possess a voice that can truly lead the congregation. They should be able to read music well and practice on their own. Cantors are expected to pick up their music from the music office with enough time to prepare for their scheduled masses.

All cantors are required to attend a cantor workshop once per year to learn new strategies on preparation for Mass, learn new vocal techniques, and learn how to best lead the congregation in song during the liturgy. Cantor workshops are announced when they are scheduled.

New cantors are mentored into their role as cantor over a trial period where they will be paired with an experienced cantor.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a cantor, please contact the Music Coordinator Mike Mullins, or 952-227-4004, to set up a meeting or audition.


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