GROW Pastoral Planning Process

GROW Parish Pastoral PlanningThe Guardian Angels Catholic Church and School is participating in a program called “GROW”.  This program is a six month pastoral planning process that will yield a sound pastoral plan that will guide our ministries and operations for years to come.   Guardian Angels began the “GROW” program in January and was supposed to complete its pastoral plan in June.  When the GROW committee learned Guardian Angels would be going through a pastor change in July it decided to put a hold on its efforts until the new pastor, Fr. Fernando Ortega was settled.  Since Fr. Ortega’s installation the committee has resumed its efforts in completing a pastoral plan.

The pastoral planning process required the compiling of census data, financial history, as well as parishioner feedback.  A fundamental part of this process was a parish wide survey.  All adult members of the parish were asked to complete this survey complete this survey.  In the end we had 379 individual complete the survey.  The results of this survey can be seen by clicking on the link below.

GROW Survey Report Presentation

The GROW committee continues to review the survey results and other data that has been complied through this process and has identified 5 preliminary areas of potential growth for Guardian Angels Parish.  In the GROW process these are called action cards.  For each area of focus, an action card is created that helps us identify: what is the current reality, where do we want to be, and finally how are we going to get there.  The committee details how to get there by listing specific tasks that need to be completed, when they need to be completed by and who is responsible for completing those tasks.

The five initial action cards have been identified as:

1. Refine and Communicate our Mission and Vision Statements

  • To read more about our new mission statement click here!

2. Develop a Parish Pastoral Council

3. Create an Education Plan for Life Long Faith Formation

4. Refine the Catholic School Education Value Proposition

5. Create a plan for Financial Stability and Stewardship

Download (PDF, 578KB)

The GROW committee is making progress on the the action cards.  As progress is made, this area of the website will be updated to keep parishioners informed.