March 23, 2017

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Totus Tuus is Coming to GA this summer

Totus Tuus is Coming to GA!  Totus Tuus is a Catholic youth program dedicated to sharing the Gospel and promoting the Catholic faith through catechesis, evangelization, Christian witness, and Eucharistic worship.  The goal of Tutus Tuus is to help young people grow in the understanding of, and strengthen their faith in, Jesus Christ.

Mark your calandars for July 16-21 2017.  Details and Registration are here!

Youth Leadership Team Pastor Project 2017

On February 25th we are launching our Pastor Project. The Pastor Project has been assigned by Father Ortega and it is about improving hospitality in our community. The project includes many parts that will be explained in this video. We invite you all to watch it. Thank you!

Do you know how to pray?

Ash Wednesday at Guardian Angels – March 1

Ash Wednesday at Guardian Angels – March 1

  • Service – Ashes   7:30 am    Church (no music)
  • Mass – Ashes    9:20 am       Church (with school)
  • Mass – Ashes      6:00 pm   Church
  • Mass – Ashes     8:00 pm       Church   (Spanish)
  • Auburn Manor Service – Ashes  9:15 am Church – Deacon Mike Dewitte

THE SEASON OF LENT begins late this year, on the 1st of March. Decide NOW (this week) what you’re going to do for Lent. The traditional Prayer, Fasting and Alms-giving are all Spiritual Works of Mercy. Or, this 2017 Lent make a difference by signing up for Guardian Angels’ “One Hour Lenten Challenge.” Thank you for your generous giving and participation.

Lent is a season of penance, reflection, and fasting which prepares us for Christ’s Resurrection on Easter Sunday.  Ashes are a symbol of repentance made sacramental by the blessing of the Church, and they help us develop a spirit of humility and sacrifice. Our foreheads are marked with ashes to humble our hearts and remind us of our desire to change and follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. We remember this when we are told: ““YOU ARE DUST AND TO DUST YOU SHALL RETURN””

ASH WEDNESDAY and GOOD FRIDAY are days of FAST. On days of fast, one full meal per day with two lesser meals is allowed. Catholics who have completed their 18th year up to the beginning of their 60th year are bound by this law. Persons legitimately excused from FAST (besides those outside the age limits) are those of unsound mind, the sick, the frail, pregnant or nursing women according to need for meat or nourishment, manual laborers according to need – – and other circumstances that would seriously hinder us in carrying out our work.

ASH WEDNESDAYGOOD FRIDAY and ALL OTHER FRIDAYS OF LENT are also days of ABSTINENCE. On days of abstinence, the consumption of meat is forbidden, but not of eggs, milk products or condiments made of animal fat. The law of abstinence binds all Catholics who have completed their 14th year, there is no upper age limit to the law of abstinence. All the Faithful are obliged to do penance.

Persons legitimately excused from the laws of FAST and ABSTINENCE are urged to practice other forms of penance and self-denial suitable to their condition. In addition, all are urged to participate, if possible, in the Holy Mass during the week, in the Sacrament of penance, Lenten devotions, family prayer, Scripture reading, and sharing of their time and resources with the less fortunate.  In this Year of Grace, through Lenten practices and the Sacrament of Reconciliation may we allow God to create in us a new heart to generously serve and be served!


Caring for those who need it the most – Youth Leadership Team

Guardian Angels Youth Leadership Team (YLT) extended an invitation to GA Students to join them in a Christmas Craft event on Wednesday December 21st after school. Students and YLT members had a great time making fleece blankets, achieving their goal of 10 blankets to be donated to children in the hospital this Christmas. Materials were funded by GA Parish and labor donated by a group of GA students ranging from 1st to 8th grade, under the guidance of Youth Leadership Team members.

Why are we doing this?
YLT decided to do this project because, as a group, we thought that we should help children have a Merry Christmas, even if there are struggles going on in their lives. We hope that this helps show others to always help those in need.

What are YLT’s expectations for the future?
We hope to make all the youth in our GA community to feel included and have a deeper connection with Christ. We hope to make this Christmas Craft Fleece Blankets a new annual tradition at GA Parish going forward.

Blankets were delivered to Ridgeview Emergency & Urgent Care at Two Twelve  Medical Center in Chaska on Friday December 23rd. Emergency department staff were very excited about the donation and said: “the children will love them”


snowbirdsAway From Home a Lot in the Winter?  Continue reliable support of your home parish by setting up automatic deductions from your checking account or credit card. It’s easy! Save time and help your parish stabilize its budget and save money by ensuring your contribution makes it to your home parish even when you are away!  Electronic giving it is a win-win solution for both you and Guardian Angels. This process works similar to your automatic bill payments for gas and electric bills where your donation is automatically withdrawn or debited from your checking, savings or credit card account into Guardian Angels bank account. Start today by going to our parish web site at

Debt Free

Capacity Building Grant Recipient

imageWe are proud to announce that Guardian Angels School has been awarded a $24,000 Capacity Building Grant to provide Chromebooks for staff and a technology support plan from the Catholic Community Foundation!  This grant was made possible by the Foundation’s many donors who have invested in the future by supporting funds at the Foundation that benefit the greatest needs in our Catholic community. The Catholic Community Foundation, located in St. Paul, is the largest Catholic community foundation in the nation and is committed to supporting the spiritual, educational, and social needs of our community. or

New Full Day Preschool Program for this Fall


Children who are 4 years of age by September 1st, entering their second or third year of preschool or entering kindergarten the following fall and are determined by teacher recommendation, to be ready for a longer program to prepare them for kindergarten, are eligible for this program. This program uses the kindergarten readiness curriculum, “The Land

of the Letter People”, which focuses on social, cognitive and emotional development with strong pre-math and pre-literacy skills that are aligned with our kindergarten through 8th grade curriculums. Additionally, social studies and science concepts will be explored. Weekly physical education and music instruction will be offered along with Spanish, computers, and library. This program includes a lunch period and rest time.

3 Day and 4 Day programs also available! Click Here for More Info

Guardian Angels Catholic School – Providing Catholic Education in the area for over 100 Years

Education is an important part of our mission at Guardian Angels. Our mission has been providing for students of this generation the quality education, which has been the hallmark of Guardian Angels for previous generations. We are implementing a vision that provides strong opportunities for anyone who wants a Catholic Education.

“Education is one of the most important ways by which the Church fulfills its commitment to the dignity of the person and building of community. Community is central to Catholic education ministry, both as a necessary condition and an ardently desired goal. The educational efforts of the Church, therefore, must be directed to forming persons in community for the education of the individual Christian is important not only to his or her solitary destiny, but also to the destinies of the many communities in which he or she lives.” – To Teach as Jesus Did, National Conference of Catholic Bishops, United States Catholic Conference, 1972

Knights of Columbus

We are an organization like no other – more than 1.7 million members throughout the world. An organization that, since 1882, has embodied the selflessness of man as it has helped overcome adversity in the world.

We are men of faith. Guided not only by our belief in God and the Catholic Church, but by our belief in each other, and in ourselves.

We are the Knights of Columbus. Believing that a man is defined by his actions as a follower of God, and as a leader in his community. Believing that a man is more than simply a man, when he bears the title of “Knight.”

“Dedicated to making a difference and building a Future…”

It is through five key areas of service – faith, community, family, youth, and fellowship – that the Knights of Columbus truly make a difference.

As Knights, our faith is our foundation. Dedicated to the Catholic Church’s growth and her good works, we support religious outreach and promote vocations in an effort to strengthen the faith that unites us.

As committed as we are to our faith, so are we committed to building our families and communities. Whether it’s through sponsoring ministries, hosting family-focused activities, or supporting community events, Knights serve as valuable role models for other Catholic men, as well as mentors for our children.

And so, time and again, Knights have proven that through fellowship the support we offer to those in need, our families, and our communities, is magnified.

Here are two brochures that provide additional information about the ministry:
Knights of Columbus Brochure
K of C – Member Benefits

Come and join us!

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