All Are Welcome! Ash Wednesday 2018 Mass Schedule

The season of Lent is right around the corner. To bring it in, Guardian Angels invites you to join in celebrating the Ash Wednesday Mass on Wednesday, February 14th.

Mass times are as follows:
11:00 am – English Mass with the school
6:00 pm – English Mass
7:30 pm – Spanish Mass

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Beef and Sausage Dinner is Back!


The GA Men’s Club welcomes you once again to enjoy the annual Beef & Sausage Dinner on this upcoming Sunday, February 11th. Eat-in and Take-out dinners will be served from 11am to 1pm. Homemade sausage will also be available for purchase by the pound to take home and serve in your own future meals.

Come enjoy amazing food and fellowship and see why Chaska loves the Beef & Sausage Dinner! We can’t wait to see you there!


How Well Do You Know Jesus?

How well do you know Jesus?

Guardian Angels wants to invite you to deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ through Fr. Robert Barron’s new DVD-based Study Program Priest, Prophet, King.

Through the program, you will explore the biblical archetypes of priest, prophet, and king and learn how Jesus is the ultimate fulfillment of each one.

Priest, Prophet, King is a 7 session program, taking place on Sunday nights throughout the months of February, March, and April. Registration and the study guide cost $25. Please sign up by calling the Parish office (952-227-4000), Steve Kingsbury (612-207-3179;, or Mary Kingsbury (952-449-7115;

For more information on the program, see the flyer above or visit

Letter from Archbishop Hebda

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The transfer of a priest is always very difficult in a parish. I know that many of you have expressed sadness upon learning that Fr. Thomas Joseph, who has served St. Nicholas since 2008, has been transferred effective February 1, 2018. As Fr. Thomas can assure you, this is a normal part of life for diocesan priests. A diocesan priest isn’t ordained for service to a particular parish but for the good of the Archdiocese and indeed of the universal Church.

It was with that greater good in mind that I began discussions with Fr. Thomas last August about a transfer. I then came to your parish and met with your lay leadership, so that I would have a better sense of the parish’s needs. I was delighted to learn about your commitment to inclusivity and your conviction that St. Nicholas has a bright future as well as a distinguished past. I heard in particular your observations concerning the need to attend to the 150th Anniversary of the Parish, to provide for the pastoral needs of the Spanish-speaking parishioners, and to sustain the Prayer Garden. I took all of this into consideration in appointing Fr. William Deziel (as pastor) and Fr. Edison Galarza (as parochial vicar) to serve your parish. While both will also be serving Guardian Angels in Chaska, the two parishes will remain distinct, even though they will for now be served by the same priests.

I realize that change is always difficult but I have great confidence in your new priests. Both have had extensive experience and success working with multicultural parishes. I was at Fr. Galarza’s parish on January 1st and the parishioners (both Spanish speaking and English speaking) were literally weeping over his departure. The parishioners at St. Peter’s in North Saint Paul (Anglos and members of the African community alike) were similarly distraught when Fr. Deziel was transferred last June. I encourage you to embrace your new priests.

As for Fr. Thomas, he will be moving from Saint Nicholas to the Metropolitan Tribunal offices, here at the Chancery in Saint Paul. With an increasing number of Spanish-speaking Catholics in the Archdiocese, Father’s communication skills will be beneficial to the important works of the Tribunal.

My hope is that Fr. Thomas views his new assignment as an opportunity to serve the Church and her Spanish-speaking faithful in a new way. At this time of transition, please keep Fr. Thomas Joseph, Fr. Deziel and Fr. Galarza in your prayers.

With the promise of my prayers for the faithful of St. Nicholas as you prepare for your 150th Anniversary, I remain

Sincerely in Christ,

Most Reverend Bernard A. Hebda
Archbishop of Saint Paul and Minneapolis

Carta del Arzobispo Hebda

Queridos hermanos y hermanas en Cristo,

El traslado de un amado sacerdote siempre es muy difícil para una parroquia. Sé que muchos de ustedes se entristecieron al saber que el Padre Thomas Joseph, que ha servido a San Nicolás desde el 2008, ha sido transferido a partir del 1 de febrero de 2018. Como el Padre Thomas puede asegurarles, esta es una parte normal en la vida de los sacerdotes diocesanos. Un sacerdote diocesano no es ordenado para servir a una parroquia en particular, sino para el bien de la Arquidiócesis y de la Iglesia universal.

Fue con ese “bien común” en mente, que el pasado agosto, tuve una conversación, con el Padre Thomas acerca de su traslado. Luego visité su parroquia y me reuní con el liderazgo laico, para poder tener una mejor idea de las necesidades de la parroquia. Estuve encantado de conocer el gran compromiso que ustedes tienen con la inclusión y la convicción de que San Nicolás tiene un futuro brillante, como también un pasado distinguido. Escuché, en particular, sus observaciones sobre la necesidad de ocuparse del 150 ° Aniversario de la Parroquia, de atender las necesidades pastorales de los feligreses de habla hispana y de mantener el Jardín de Oración. Tomé todo esto en consideración cuando nombré al Padre William Deziel (como pastor) y el Padre Edison Galarza (como vicario parroquial) para servir a su parroquia. Mientras que ambos esterán sirviendo también en los Ángeles Guardianes en Chaska, las dos parroquias permanecerán separadas, a pesar de que, por ahora, serán servidas por los mismos sacerdotes.

Me doy cuenta de que todo cambio siempre es difícil, pero tengo gran confianza en sus nuevos sacerdotes. Ambos han tenido una amplia experiencia y éxito trabajando con parroquias multiculturales. Estuve en la parroquia del Padre Galarza el 1 ° de enero y, los feligreses (tanto los de habla hispana como los de habla inglesa) literalmente lloraron por su partida. Los feligreses en St. Peter en North St. Paul (anglos y miembros de la comunidad africana por igual) estaban de igual manera, tristes y afligidos cuando el Padre Deziel fue transferido en junio pasado. Los animo a recibir con alegría a sus nuevos sacerdotes.

En cuanto al Padre Thomas, el se mudará de San Nicolás a las oficinas del Tribunal Metropolitano, aquí en la Cancillería en Saint Paul. Con un número cada vez mayor de católicos hispano-hablantes en la Arquidiócesis, las habilidades lingüísticas del Padre serán de gran beneficio para el trabajo tan importante del Tribunal.

Mi esperanza es que el P. Thomas vea esta nueva misión como una oportunidad de servir a la Iglesia y a sus fieles hispano-hablantes de una manera diferente. Durante este tiempo de transición por favor mantengan al P. Thomas Joseph, P. Deziel y P. Galarza en sus oraciones.

Con la promesa de mis oraciones por los fieles de San Nicolás mientras se preparan para su celebración de los 150 aniversario, permanezco.

Sinceramente en Cristo,

Reverendísimo Bernard A. Hebda
Arzobispo de Saint Paul y Minneapolis

Annual Beef & Sausage Dinner 2018

The Guardian Angels Men’s Club invites you to join us for the Annual Beef & Sausage Dinner. Dinner will be hosted in the GA School gym on Sunday, February 11, 2018 from 11 am to 1 pm. Adults are $12 and children eat for only $5. Take-outs and eat ins are both available. We look forward to seeing you there!

YLT Christmas Greeting

Christmas Mass Schedule 2017 Announced!

All are welcome! We invite you to join in celebrating Christmas with us this year! Mass times are as follows:

Sunday, December 24

4th Sunday of Advent Celebration
8:00 a.m., 10 a.m.
Noon – Spanish

Christmas Eve Celebration
4:00 p.m.
12:00 a.m. – Midnight Mass (Carols begin at 11:30 p.m.)

Monday, December 25, Christmas Day

10 a.m.
Noon – Spanish


*Christmas Eve masses do not fulfill the normal Sunday mass obligation. If you choose to attend the 4 pm or 12 am mass on Christmas Eve, make sure to attend the 5 p.m. Saturday, or 8 or 10 a.m. Sunday mass as well.

Do You Love Coffee and Donuts?

Do you love coffee and donuts? We do!

We are looking for families to host after Mass. It’s simple! It’s easy! It’s fun! There’s no long term commitment and sign up is entirely up to you.

Click Here to sign up!

When your day approaches, you’ll receive an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide for setup and take down. A second guide is located in St. Francis Hall for your reference.

Thank you for your help in making Guardian Angels a hub of fellowship for all!

Honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe – December 12, 2017

All are welcome to join us in the Church tonight to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe!

The celebration will begin with a rosary at 6:00 pm followed by Mass. We’ll have a mariachi band playing the music and Aztec dancers will perform a traditional dance for Mary.

After Mass, the celebration will move to the school gym for a dinner and more music and dance. In all, the festivities are expected to wrap up around 9:30 pm.

We look forward to seeing you there!