2012 Parish Census


Dear Parishioner:

You are receiving this because you are listed as a parishioner at Guardian Angels. Periodically, to best serve our parishioners, we need to update our records to assure that we have accurate information.

This census update form has four pages: the first (cover) page is for the head of the household, the second is for the spouse, and pages 3 and 4 provide space for registering up to four children.

If you live alone, simply fill out the first page. Non-related people sharing a residence should each complete his/her own form as the Head of Household. If you are the Head of a Household, continue to complete Spouse and Dependent Children pages as applicable. If you have more than four children in your household or need additional forms, you may get them on-line at church.GAChaska.org or by contacting the parish office at 952-227-4000.

The information you provide us about your sacraments will not be used as official information; your official sacramental records are maintained at your church of baptism. These sacramental questions are for our information so that we may be able to serve you better with our faith formation and other instructional programs. While accurate information is always preferred, don’t worry if it isn’t immediately at hand. Continue to finish the form without unnecessarily “bogging down”. For example, the exact date of a sacrament isn’t as important as knowing you have received the sacrament. If you received your First Communion in second grade and don’t remember the exact date, you could simply note that you received your First Communion in second grade. Following the same logic, you could say you were baptized as an infant – but here the actual church of baptism is important because that parish will be the source of your official sacramental records, should we need them.

On the reverse side of this letter is a listing of various ministries. For a parish to thrive, we need faithful involvement from parishioners who have the time to share their talents and gifts with us. After reviewing these ministries, make sure to note your willingness to become involved with one or more of them as you respond to the census form question about sharing your time and talent.

Thank you for your prompt completion of this form. Please return your completed form to us via mail, e-mail, FAX, or the collection basket as soon as possible. Faith is a gift best shared as a participating registered member of Guardian Angels. I hope that you will register sharing my gratitude for the blessings of our school and,beautiful historic church.

Yours in Christ,

Father Doug Ebert

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